Best Director: CUTLASS (Burri-Taka Bolalima)

Best Screenplay: Amnesia Red (Leon Bell)

Best Editing: So long, Paris! (Charles Dudoignon-Valade)

Best Student Film: Noise Echoes (Enrique Martínez Apodaca)

Best First Time Director: Sick Doctor (Jiang Dong)

Best Animation: The Valley of Ginsengs (Lou Ka Choi & Leong Kin)

Best Narrative Short: The Measure of My Time (Juan Emilio Veliz)

Best Indie Film: Medea – Unhappy love makes you crazy (Fabrizio Russotto)

Best Documentary: Dargings. The Heart of the Mountains (Anton Malashenko)

Best Cinematography: Till The End of Time (Akesh Patel & Justin Li)

Best Narrative Feature: Roommates (Jesús Álvarez Betancourt)

Best Series: Renata’s Problems (Andrea Cordones)

Best Actor: In Perspective (Arshia Zeinali)

Best Actress: Dead Air (Carissa Sitki)

Best Music Video: ACS France (Jonathan Galland)

Best Original Score: An Interesting Story About An Uninteresting Guy (Donny Walker)